What is the biggest economic problem China faces?对这个话题进行展开!1

What is the biggest economic problem China faces?对这个话题进行展开!100——150个单词足够!要英文的
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China has become one of the world’s fastest growing economies.Since 1979,China has been moving away from its communist state-controlled economy,adopting some principles of free trade,and privatizing many businesses.The country’s move toward free markets will be continued.However,the economic growth combined with many problems such as pollution and income inequality.
Pollution is a major problem in many industrialised cities.Increased car ownership has led to problems of smog and worsening air quality.Pollution also occurs from China’s vast industrial sector.Often regulation of pollution is very limited with untreated sewage often been poured directly into rivers.
China’s economic growth has benefited the south and eastern regions more than anywhere else.This has created a growing disparity between north and south.The agricultural north has,by contrast,been left behind.Many farmers struggle to make a living.Therefore,this has encouraged a migration of workers from north to south.China has struggled to deal with this regional inequality.


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