Do you know Taiwan, the biggest island of China? Do you want

Do you know Taiwan, the biggest island of China? Do you want to visit there? We’ll show you the best Taiwan island on a four-day tour.
Only ¥3000
Round-way(双飞) plane tickets between Beijing and Taiwan.
Bus service around Taiwan.
Best tour guide service.
Sun and Moon Lake
A beautiful lake. A small island. On one side of the island, the lake looks like the sun, on the other side it looks like the moon. That is why people call the lake the Sun and Moon Lake.
Ali Mountain
The nearest mountain around Sun and Moon Lake. A nice experience(经历)to have a party with Gaoshan people. A wonderful place to see a very beautiful sunrise.
Peng Lake
A great place for swimming, fishing, boating and eating delicious fruit and fresh fish.
Gao Xiong
A full day to go shopping.
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小题1:If you join the tour on September 5 th , you will be back on _________ .
A.September 7 th B.September 8 th
C.September 11 th D.September 10 th
小题2:How many main places are you going to visit if you take the tour?
A.three B.four C.five D.six
小题3:Which is the best title for this advertisement?
A.Taiwan is Part of China.
B.Take the time to learn in Your Holiday.
C.The Biggest Island of China.
D.Come and Join Us for Your Holiday.
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