1.Even some of the casual garments we wear have brand names_

1.Even some of the casual garments we wear have brand names___them which turn us___walking advertisements.
A.attached to,into B.attaching to,to C.appealed to,into D.contributed to,to
2.Voices were___as the argument between the two taxi drivers became more bad-tempered.
A.increased B.repeated C.raised D.developed
3.The famous actress Angelina Jolie,who has three___children,is going to help other orphans.
A.adapted B.brought C.received D.adopted
4.The girl___to be a good dancer if she is well trained in an art school.
A.expects B.allows C.wishes D.promises
5.For professional athletes,___to the Olympics means that they have a chance to enter the history boks.
A.access B.attachment C.appeal D.approach
6.Tom glanced___her direction and their eyes met.
A.in B.at C.towards D.to
7.In this respect,French___from English.
A.separates B.divides C.tells D.differs
8.He___rumours here and there that the price would go up.
A.spread B.spreaded C.expanded D.extended
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