Topic:Some people think schools should only teach students a

Topic:Some people think schools should only teach students academic knowledge.Others think they should also teach studengts to judge what is right and wrong.Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
In modern society,education becomes a period which is essential for all people to experience from nurseries to schools to universities.However,with the developing of society,the educational systems are awash with all sorts of problems and controversies such as the effect of teachers.Have teachers always been passing on knowledge that from textbooks?
Some people assert that teachers should only impart academic knowledge which students should learn because of the basic obligation of them,not in the terms of duty,but also in terms of energy and power teachers own.Moreover,these people point out the fact that if teachers are fond of telling fantastic stories or fairy tales,students will undoultedly turn their attention from books to myths that may leads to the failure in study.Lastly,there is one of proverbs which is said that knowledge is the resource of wisdom.They say that teachers are just like angels who spread their knowledge to their cute students that can become more and more wisdom.
On the other hand,however,others believe that teachers should not only teach students knowledge but judgements as well.It means that students should also be taught the philosophy of lives.These people point out that hundreds of successful and famous celebrities,from singers to actors to enterprises,have the similar minds with their tutors more or less,which demonstrates that teachers should guide students to acquire excellent judgements for their futures.They also bing forward a phenomenon that the rate of juvenile delinquency is incredable increasing.The reasons for this are simple that they did not obtain the capability to judge what is right ang wrong.Therefore,teachers should have social responsibilities to teach students how to judge.
As far as I am concerned,I agree with those who support the view that teachers should teach methods to judge complicated behaviors.Educators,as shown,have been important roles who can determine the futures of students.I insist what they teach should be both knowledge and behaviors.To some extent studunts’ behaviors are more indispensable than knowledge.
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