Imagine the following scene: on the grasslands, an elephant stands under an umbrella-like tree.

Imagine the following scene: on the grasslands, an elephant stands under an umbrella-like tree. shadow(影子) grows long and thin. In the distance, you can also see a few zebras running here and there. Such a scene is commonplace in the magical continent of Africa. Africa is the second largest continent in the world. To its southeast the Indian Ocean, and toward the west is the Atlantic Ocean. It is also the continent with the world’s second largest population (more than 1 billion) behind Asia. The continent is to the world’s tallest animal, giraffes. People can also find crocodiles (鳄鱼) and hippos (河马) in grassland and rainforests. Africa is great to visit. In east Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro stands 5,895 meters into the sky. It is the highest point in the continent. it lies in the tropics (热带), it is covered with ice and snow year-round. The continent its hundreds of ethnic (种族) groups. The three largest ethnic groups are the Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. They are all in west Africa. Although many places in Africa are poor, this is not the whole picture. South Africa is the country in Africa. Some parts of the country are wealthy. Modern and well-developed roads are common everywhere. You can also spend a day in a large shopping mall or taste delicious seafood in a restaurant.

小题1: A.It’s B.Its C.Their D.His

小题2: A.lies B.faces C.stands D.has

小题3: B.area C.home D.nest

小题4: A.Since B.Though C.While D.Because

小题5: proud of interested in made of famous for

小题6: A.oldest B.biggest C.richest D.poorest

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小题1:考查代词及语境的理解。A. It’s它是B. Its它的C. Their他们的D. His他的 根据上文an elephant stands under an umbrella-like tree可知它的影子变得有细又长。故选B。

小题2:考查动词及语境的理解。A. lies位于,坐落B. faces面对C. stands站立D. has有。非洲大陆是世界上的第二大陆,在它的东南是印度洋。根据句意,故填A。

小题3:考查名词及语境的理解。A. space太空B. area地区C. home家D. nest窝。非洲大陆是世界上最高的动物长颈鹿的家,根据句意,故选C。

小题4:考查连词及语境的理解。A. Since自从B. Though虽然C. While当D. Because因为。虽然它位于热带但是常年被冰雪覆盖,根据句意,故选B。

小题5:考查词组及语境的理解。A. is proud of以……自豪 B. is interested in 对……感兴趣C. is made of由……制成D. is famous for因……著名。根据上下文可知非洲大陆因为他的数百个种族而著名。根据句意,故选D。

小题6:考查形容词最高级及语境的理解。A. oldest最老的B. biggest最大的C. richest最富有的D.


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