Traffic is becoming worse and worse in big cities.

Traffic is becoming worse and worse in big cities. Heavy traffic has caused a lot of to people’s life and work. For example, people have to get up to go to work on time and come back very late when their work is . There are many causes (原因) for problems, but the following may be the most important ones. One cause is the great increase (增长) in the of private cars. Cars need more space but they fewer people. When more and more cars appear, roads and streets become very . It also causes air pollution. The other cause is that some people don’t care about traffic . They cross the streets even when the traffic lights are still . This may easily cause traffic accidents. But how can we these problems? I think if we go out by bus or by bike more often, we’ll use cars less. It may be a helpful way.

小题1: A.suggestions B.problems C.types D.imaginations

小题2: A.quietly B.late C.gently D.early 小题3: A.over B.on D.out

小题4: B.water C.traffic D.electricity

小题5: A.price B.number C.population D.distance

小题6: A.give B.use C.make D.carry

小题7: A.wide B.long C.crowded D.empty

小题8: A.rules B.ways C.reports D.dates

小题9: C.yellow

小题10: A.discuss B.think C.forget D.solve

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小题1:考查名词及语境的理解。句意:交通拥堵给人们的生活和工作引起许多问题。A. suggestions建议,B. problems 问题,C. types 类型, D. imaginations 想象。根据句意可知,故选B。

小题2:考查副词及语境的理解。句意:例如,人们必须很早准时起床。A. quietly安静地,B. late晚地,C. gently轻柔地,D. early早地。根据句意,故选D。

小题3:考查副词及语境的理解。句意:当他们工作结束时……回来很晚。A. over结束,B. on持续,C. in在家,D. out在外边。根据句意,故选A。

小题4:考查名词及语境的理解。句意:关于交通问题有许多原因。A. food 食物, B. water 水, C. traffic 交通, D. electricity 电。根据句意,故选C。

小题5:考查名词及语境的理解。句意:一个原因是私家车数量的大量增加。A. price 价格,B. number 数量,C. population 人口,D. distance 距离。根据句意,故选B。

小题6:考查动词及语境的理解。句意:汽车需要更多的空间,但他们运载的人更少。A. give 给, B. use 用, C. make 使,D. carry 运载。根据句意,故选D。

小题7:考查形容词及语境的理解。句意:当越来越多的汽车出现,公路和街道变得非常拥挤。A. wide 宽的,B. long 长的,C. crowded 拥挤的, D. empty 空的。根据句意可知,故选C。

小题8:考查名词及语境的理解。句意:另一原因是,有些人不关心交通规则。A. rules 法规,B. ways方法, C. reports 报告, D. dates 日期。根据句意可知,故选A。

小题9:考查形容词及语境的理解。句意:甚至当还是红灯时,他们就横穿街道。A. green 绿色的, B. red 红色的, C. yellow 黄色的, D. black 黑色的。根据some people don’t care about traffic 23 .可知答案,故选B。

小题10:考查动词及语境的理解。句意:但我们怎样能解决这些问题呢?A. discuss 讨论, B. think 认为,C. forget 忘记, D. solve 解决。根据I think if we go out by bus or by bike more often, we’ll use cars less.我认为如果我们出门更多地骑自行车或坐公交车,我们会用小汽车用的更少可知,我们怎样能解决这些问题呢。故选D。


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