Telecommuting(远程办公) will have major effects on the worlds of work and family life.

telecommuting(远程办公) will have major effects on the worlds of work and family life. however, its biggest effect will be in the area of individual ***, responsibility and time management. work and workplaces will change greatly. offices may become smaller, as fewer desks are needed. there will be greater need for high-speed internet connections to link the office and the home, and even homes to other homes, as other employees also begin working at home. hours spent in traffic jams, and fights for parking should diminish, as workers travel less. family life will also change. both husbands and wives will be able to arrange their work around family commitments such as taking children to school, cooking, spare time activities, and so on. however, households(家人) will also have to set aside areas for work-particularly if more than one person is telecommuting. however, although the ideas of more time at home and less time traveling are attractive, there are some drawbacks to telecommuting. people may feel that they cannot escape from work, work longer hours, or become less social. the quality of work may suffer because of fewer face-to-face interactions with other employees, and there may be delays if other workers are not immediately available. telecommuters may also feel isolated. a major change will be in the way people think about work as a place or an institution. instead, they will focus on the task or the product. workers may feel less loyal to a company. in conclusion, the effects are difficult to predict because they depend on the extent to which telecommuting becomes popular. at the same time, however, telecommuting could be the start of a major societal shift, possibly as big as the industrial revolution which created our present ideas of work.

64. this passage was mainly written to tell us _____.

a. about the advantages of telecommuting

b. how telecommuting will change the world

c. that telecommuting will affect family life

d. how to telecommute in the future

65. what is paragraph 4 mainly about?

a. the disadvantages of telecommuting.

b. setting aside areas for work.

c. the future of telecommuting.

d. the employees’ focus on work.

66. with telecommuting in the future, which of the following will be reduced?

a. working hours and family time.

b. face-to-face communication.

c. spare time and individual ***.

d. spending time with friends.

67. what can we infer from the passage?

a. telecommuting will change the world completely.

b. there will be no traffic jams because of telecommuting.

c. work efficiency will increase through telecommuting.

d. telecommuting workers will likely change their jobs.

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64. 主旨大意题。从文章的首段作者便开门见山地告诉我们远程办公会产生一系列的影响,在文章的第二三段作者分别介绍了远程办公对工作和家庭生活带来的影响,文章第四段则介绍了远程办公的一些负面影响,可以看出文章的主要内容都是在介绍远程办公的影响,故B项正确。

65. 归纳概括题。该段第一句点明主题,以下各句是远程办公的缺点,如:人们觉得无法摆脱工作;面对面交流的时间减少等,因此答案选A。

66. 细节理解题。该题涉及到的是远程办公将会减少的对象,从文章第四段The quality of work may suffer because of fewer face-to-face interactions with other employees可以看出将来如果远程办公的话,员工之间面对面的交流将会减少,故B项正确。

67. 推理判断题。从文章第四段Workers may feel less loyal to a company.可以推断出既然员工对公司的忠诚度下降,必然会有不少的员工跳槽,即D项正确。


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