Researchers have found that there are some basic things that you can do to become happier.

Researchers have found that there are some basic things that you can do to become happier.

◆Self Yourself includes your education, your health, and your sense of purpose. It is important to take care of yourself and to connect the people around you. First, find a hobby. This gives you a chance to meet people with similar interests. You can also volunteer. Volunteering takes the focus off your own problems and makes you feel grateful for what you have.

◆Home Create a quieter, dark area where you can sit and relax. Paint your living room yellow – it can increase energy and improve mood (情绪). It also helps to own a pet. Pets can make their owners feel calm, and provide love and friendship.

◆Financial (财务的) life According to Ed Diener, the key to greater well-being is to have money, but not to want it too much. Try to spend money on things that give you long-lasting pleasure. Buy things that will enrich your life, such as music lessons and dinners with friends and family.

◆Social life Have friends that encourage you to eat right, to be active, to laugh, and to do your best. Meet with your friends regularly and share with them when you have more of something than you need. Support each other in difficult times.

◆Workplace Your office should be a place that you like. Find a job with people that you enjoy being around. That includes your boss. And do something that you feel strongly about. That is more important than money.

◆Community If possible, live near people who have about the same amount of money as you. This makes you less aware (意识到的) of what you don’t have. Live in a neighborhood where you feel safe and where you can walk a lot. Walking makes you healthier, and healthier people are happier people.

小题1:What does yourself include according to the passage?

小题2:How can we increase our energy and improve mood?

小题3:What is the key to greater well-being, according to Ed Diener?

小题4:Why should we live near people as rich as ourselves?

小题5:What does the passage mainly talk about?

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小题1:Your education, health, and your sense of purpose.

小题2:By painting your living room yellow and owning a pet.

小题3:To have money, but not to want it too much.

小题4:Financial quality with our neighbors makes us less aware of what we don’t have.

小题5:Six keys to happiness and how to make us happier.


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