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Poor children in the west need more help
Since the policy of developping the west in our country has been put onto the routine, a growing number of people surrounding me have devoted themselves to helping the poor people especially the poor children in the west. So to my view point, we have responsibility to join these kind people to help them.
First, we should kown these special children more deeply, in order to make sense of what they need most. After that, we can save money everyday and donate them to these children with which, they are able to go to school or get access of further education. What is more, the donation of our worn clothes, book, magazine, or some other school tools is also needed. Finally, the most important thing is that we should encourage them mentally, and let them know that the life is beautiful and there are so many people on the world caring about them.
With the help stated above, I think that the problem of poor children in the west can be solved.


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