Amazing Rafting Adventures

Amazing Rafting Adventures
White water rafting is one of the classic, wild activities in the outdoors. It is also an opportunity for an unbelievable family adventure. Around the country, there are several rivers—and rafting outfitters—that are perfectly suited to the entire family.
Here are three of the best:
New River Gorge, West Virginia
Rafting in West Virginia is renowned for its established infrastructure, reliability and easy access. These things make it an obvious choice for a family vacation. Famous areas, including the New River Gorge, offer everything from lazy floats to intense Class IV runs.
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Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Jackson Hole provides a full range of opportunities in the outdoors—and white water rafting is certainly one of them. Popular trips include the rough rapids of the Snake River and gentle floats in nearby Yellowstone National Park.
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Grand Canyon, Arizona
For really bold families, a multi-day trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is the penultimate adventure. Guided trips typically pack in boats-worth of supplies so the overnight adventures are far from “roughing it.” Instead, evenings are catered in a rugged luxury style, allowing everyone to rest up for the next day’s activities.
Whether looking for a casual float or a challenging adventure, white water rafting is a great option for any active family vacation.
小题1:What is the common feature of the three rafting adventures?
A.All three rafting rivers are suitable for the whole family.
B.All three rafting rivers are boring to access and reliable
C.All three rafting rivers are suitable for active families
D.All three rafting rivers offer overnight adventures
小题2:Which of the following about Grand Canyon, Arizona is NOT true?
A.A multi-day trip down the Colorado River is really challenging.
B.Really brave families will like to have a multi-day trip down the river
C.Everyone can rest for the next day’s activities.
D.People can only enjoy the rough rapids down the river
小题3:What is the author’s attitude to white water rafting?
A.Passive B.Encouraging C.Discouraging D.Negative
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