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  I find a comparison of love to the warm sunshine quite properly.The sun scatters sunlight,making it everywhere.Love is everywhere,too.It grows when spring comes,develops when summer arrives,become ripe when fallen leaves float in the cool winds,and turns into flicking flame when cold winter approaches.
  Everyone needs love,and everyone is wroth to be loved.Love lies in a hot glass of milk mother put on your desk.Love lies behind a common “Happy birthday” or a sincere blessing.Love comes out of a simple smile….There’re many people we care and care us.The fast way to lose love is to hold on it tight,and the best way to keep love is to give it wings.
  Love is giving.Love is living.Love is taking someone’s load.Love helps them along the road.Love is caring.Love is sharing.Love will seek the best for others.Love treats everyone like brother.
  I feel the love around me because of my family,friends and teachers.Family‘s love is the greatest love.When my parents tell stories to me,or cook meals for me,I feel warm.I think I can touch the love they send to me.They take care of me.And they love me.Love is in my heart,so is in everyone's heart.



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