Public interest centers on the __________ of next week'

Public interest centers on the __________ of next week's election, so it seems no one cares about the opening of this 20-storey shopping mall.
A. consequence
B. influence
C. outcome
D. effect
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6. Success is not won ________. It takes patience, diligence and continuing efforts.
A. twilight
B. attentively
C. currently
D. overnight
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7. It's important for you to make a list of your tasks in order of _______ when you work on a project.
A. suggestion
B. goal
C. priority
D. tip
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8. The young ________ interested in pop music.
A. is
B. have
C. has
D. are
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9. I invited Joe and Linda to dinner, but _________ of them came.
A. neither
B. either
C. none
D. both
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10. Before falling asleep, Helen ________ the day's happenings. However, she couldn't recall who put forward that plan in the first place.
A. repeated
B. reviewed
C. reported
D. retained
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