School uniforms are common in primary and secondary schools

School uniforms are common in primary and secondary schools in many countries. Here’s a list of countries below.

In Brazil, students wear uniforms in private schools. But in public schools, students don’t have to wear uniforms although they might have one. In general, the uniforms are a pair of blue pants and a white T-shirt with the school symbol printed on it.

School uniforms are used in Cuba. All students wear school uniforms with the color as a symbol of grade level. Children also wear scarves because they are young pioneers(少先队员).

Japan introduced school uniforms in the late 19 th century. Today, school uniforms are very common. Many boys wear white shirts, short pants and caps. Girls’ uniforms might include a gray pleated (褶)skirt and a white blouse.

In Singapore, all students must wear uniforms. Though the colors are different from school to school. The normal uniform for boys is shorts or long pants, with a shirt (often white), while girls wear white pinafores(连衣裙) or skirts.

小题1:In Brazil, where is the school symbol?
A.On the pants B.On the shoes C.On the T-shirt D.On the socks
小题2:In Cuba a student wears the scarf as a symbol of _____.
A.grade level B.cold weather C.public school D.young pioneer
小题3:A Japanese girl’s uniform is _____.
A.a pair of blue pants and a white T-shirt
B.a gray skirt and a white blouse
C.a white shirt, short pants and a cap
D.a pinafore or a white skirt
小题4:Which is true about the students’ uniforms in Singapore?
A.School uniforms are the same as China’s.
B.Only the students in private schools wear uniforms.
C.Boys’ uniforms are different from girl’s in color.
D.Students usually wear white shirts or skirts.
小题5:On the school day, a student doesn’t wear the uniform. He probably comes from ______.
A.Brazil B.Cuba C.Japan D.Singapore
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